• The domain name IUT.COM is for sale

    Price US$300000

    Get On The Web Limited some years ago registered for its websites, portals and projects a number of generic domain names (including this one), which are now no longer required. We are offering for sale the domain name IUT.COM.

    If you are interested in the acronym IUT and would like to purchase the domain name IUT.COM please complete this offer form.    Click here for examples of recent actual domain name sale prices.

    Why choose a short acronym like IUT for your business?

    Chinese Internet security company Qihoo 360 has paid a record price of 17 million US dollars for the rights to the '360.com' domain Qihoo Pays $17 million for 360.com Domain

    Sumo.com sold for $1.5million After close to 7 years SumoMe acquires Sumo.com for $1.5million

    Snap.com sold for $5million Snap pay $5million for Snap.com

    Vivo.com sold for $2.1million Why Did Vivo Pay $2.1 Million for Vivo.com?

    Jade.com sold for $1.25million Mining company says it’s acquiring Jade.com for $1.25 million

    4-letter domain name eBet.com Sells For $1.35million 4-letter domain name EBET.com sells for $1,350,000

    Kinguin.net - Save on Every Game!

    If you or your organization own any registered trade mark relating to the above name or any other names Get On The Web Limited has registered, or if you represent or know of any such organization, please click to this page.

    Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

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